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The toughest RIddle

This riddle is supposed to be the toughest riddle till date.So all of you who mastered my previous riddle and saw the granny dancing try this one out and if u do crack it hats off to you it seems no one has sucessfully solved it .So u could very well  be the first one.I also just started with it…….long way to go.
Surely u will get stuck so post where u hv got stuck and other ppl please help out so that we manage to crack this riddle. GOOD LUCK IN UR ENDEAVOUR

P.S.———for all those who r njoying this riddle ….thx to my friend Neelay…….who shared this riddle with me.


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Crack this—–and Ill admit UR a Genius

ok try this out this site and hone ur puzzle solving and hacking skills

try out how many sites u can open……….i opened up 13…………..lets see who can beat me

September 9, 2006 at 11:45 pm 41 comments


All u guys who r either not aware of the existence of this band or have not heard their songs……..grow up……….there’s a lot for u guys to learn…………most of u must have heard their song GMD,which has been rocking college campuses all across INDIA……here’s some trivia on the band itself—-

The band was formed on June 12 2004 by a group of students from  XLRI Jameshdpur(one of the premier B schools in INDIA)……

bodhiTree – the name of a planet in a faraway galaxy where much gyaan is given, many relationships forged and many sixers hit.

bodhiTree is…
Poornima Dore – Drums
Jishnu Dasgupta – Bass/ Vocals
Bharat Rajagopalan – Guitar
Abhishek Narain – Guitar/ Vocals
Satadru Bagchi – Vocals
Shambhavi Kumar – Vocals
Dhananjay Mishra – Vocals

The songs of theirs which i hv the fortune to possess are———
GMD remix
Sab Ka Katega
XL ki Kudiyan
Too Many Potatoes
Xl meri Jaan

So if u guys wanna hear any of these songs then all u hv to do is just request and i shall upload them………..also do suggestny good uploading site….

September 9, 2006 at 5:56 am 39 comments


Just got some good news, had taken part in an ibn contest and guess what…..i WON……even got my name announced on RAJEEV MASAND’s show—-“NOW SHOWING”.The contest was to write about the best performance by a child artist……had some time to while around so decided to drop in a few lines on the ibn site……the win was a real surprise.Although no great achievement here——but winning always gives u felicity………….doesn’t it?????

If any of you people have around a minute to spend then check my prize winning entry at—-

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Arrey MAMU kya haal hain????? Arrey koi tension ho to apun ko batane ka……..are you are wondering whats wrong with my dialect???????Ya, you guessed it right …….thats the after effect of apun ka bhai—-“MUNNA BHAI”.

This year indeed saw the rise of many sequels be it the laugh riot PHIR HERA PHERI or the super hero KRRISH but none of them could surprass their predecessor’s popularity.But nonetheless they were huge blockbuster hits…..So does LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI(LRMB) meet the expectations??????Is it more hilarious than the first part???Read on and all questions will be answered……First and foremost ….. LRMB is a new chapter in the life of Munna and Circuit not a continuation of the first one. Most of the thespians of the first part remain in this sequel giving it the much desired nostalgic feeling but they don upon new guises this time round. So you still get to see the rivalry between Boman and Sanju but it no longer remains that of a principal and student .The only new addition to this cast is Dilip Prabhavalker(pardon me if I got the surname wrong) who plays the part of GANDHI.


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