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Its indeed DIWALI time for all filmy aficionados with two big releases DON and JAAN-E-MANN hitting the screens this week
I was short on my pocket money and hence had to make a pick between one of the two movies.A difficult decision indeed. After much thought and deliberation I decided to pick JAAN-E-MANN.So was my decision fruitful ??? Or am I repentant????Read on to know…….


The music has already proved to be SUPER HIT and that’s half the battle won considering JAAN-E-MANN is a love story.But there are still many hurdles a movie must cross to see smiles on the faces of the distributers and producers.JAAN-E-MANN talks about the story of Suhaan(Salman) and Piya(Preity) who fall in love during college and eventually tie the knot .But due to certain problems they eventually break up.When Piya sends a letter to Suhaan demanding 50 lakhs as alimony then Suhaan turns to his lawyer uncle Bonny(Anupam Kher) to save him from the herculean problem that has just surrounded him.In comes Agastya(Akshay Kumar) who used to once love Piya but was left broken hearted as she chose Suhaan .Salman and Bonny then try to see that Piya falls for Agastya and marries him so that Suhaan is relieved of his problem of coughing up 50 lakhs.Now the problem lies that Agastya is not quite a ladies man and Salman needs to teach him all the tricks in the book to woo Piya.Will Piya fall in love with Agastya?????Will the nerdy Agastya manage to impress Piya????What about Suhaan,are his feelings for Piya completely dead?????So whose JAAN-E-MANN will Piya end up being????For all these answers you will have to cough up some money and pay a visit to your nearest theatre.



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I was instantly allured to this book when I saw it at a book fair . I was very curious to know what went behind the SEARCH ENGINE that is almost ubiquitous in the .COM genre .So I decided to make my wallet a bit lighter and became the proud owner of this treasured copy.So howz the book???Does it answer the numerous doubts you had about GOOGLE(that is now synonymous to SEARCH)????
If I were to describe the book in just one word then it would be ……….FANTASTIC.
Written by DAVID VISE ,a journalist with WASHINGTON POST……….the book gives a fascinating description about GOOGLE . Its birth , the barriers it came across, and its growth.Special kudos for the author for his limpid style and articulate description of facts .Weaving out a story and keeping  to the  facts simultaneously  is a tough job.And DAVID does a fine job at it.If you are one of those pop fiction readers then you too can make an instant switch to this book for the GOOGLE STORY is a fairy tale in its self.
Started by LARRY PAGE and SERGEY BRIN …GOOGLE has been a revolution in itself.The GOOGLE STORY describes how it’s possible to achieve the impossible and to scale unprecedented heights by having a “HEALTHY DISREGARD FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE”.It speaks about the journey of two Stanford students who with their quest for knowledge and undaunted dedication created one of the most magnificient tools of this century…..GOOGLE. The book re-asserts that Knowledge and Hardwork are the only paraphernalia required for success.

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Does today’s date ring any bells in your minds?????I dont wanna hear NO as an answer.Come this day and some people are petrified fearing the unknown. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, a specialized form of triskaidekaphobia, a phobia (fear) of the number thirteen.Strange na ppl getting scared of a mere date.I too was surprised that to know dat this is one of the most rampant phobia.So i decided to google a bit and find out why does Friday the 13th give some people the CHILLs….So here’s a summarised form of what i struck upon.


REASONS why friday the 13th spells

  • The Last Supper, at which Judas Iscariot was said to have been the thirteenth guest to sit at the table. (Judas later betrayed Jesus, leading to His crucifixion, and then took his own life.)
  • Just as Friday was considered an inauspicious day of the week on which to embark upon a new enterprise, so the 13th day of a month came to signify a particularly bad day for beginning a venture. Although regarding the confluence of a particularly unlucky day of the week (Friday) and a particularly unlucky day of the month (the 13th) as a date of supreme unluckiness might seem to be obvious and inevitable. (more…)

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hi…all data one(bsnl) broadband users……its time to party.BSNL is providing with an exciting service called GAME PLAN 1.This service provides you with 512 kbps broadband speed.That means users who were getting 256kbps speed can now have double that amount of speed at NO EXTRA COST.This is some service that bsnl is executing on a trial basis.It is free for all broadband users.Yes you heard it right…its FREE.But as i have gathered from some of my friends ,this service will cease to exist from DIWALI.So hurry up.Its a great experience.I just activated my game plan service and am getting an exciting speed of 60kB/s compared to the initial 30KB/s.


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