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I was instantly allured to this book when I saw it at a book fair . I was very curious to know what went behind the SEARCH ENGINE that is almost ubiquitous in the .COM genre .So I decided to make my wallet a bit lighter and became the proud owner of this treasured copy.So howz the book???Does it answer the numerous doubts you had about GOOGLE(that is now synonymous to SEARCH)????
If I were to describe the book in just one word then it would be ……….FANTASTIC.
Written by DAVID VISE ,a journalist with WASHINGTON POST……….the book gives a fascinating description about GOOGLE . Its birth , the barriers it came across, and its growth.Special kudos for the author for his limpid style and articulate description of facts .Weaving out a story and keeping  to the  facts simultaneously  is a tough job.And DAVID does a fine job at it.If you are one of those pop fiction readers then you too can make an instant switch to this book for the GOOGLE STORY is a fairy tale in its self.
Started by LARRY PAGE and SERGEY BRIN …GOOGLE has been a revolution in itself.The GOOGLE STORY describes how it’s possible to achieve the impossible and to scale unprecedented heights by having a “HEALTHY DISREGARD FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE”.It speaks about the journey of two Stanford students who with their quest for knowledge and undaunted dedication created one of the most magnificient tools of this century…..GOOGLE. The book re-asserts that Knowledge and Hardwork are the only paraphernalia required for success.
The flow of the book is simply wonderful and keeps you glued throughout. So if you were wondering on how GOOGLE makes it numerous profits??How two grads with no management education created a touchstone for management???????Howz life working at GOOGLE?????? What keeps the employees of GOOGLE enticed to it?????What
hindrances came across GOOGLE’s way to reach the top?????What other projects is GOOGLE involved with??????Then you need to just flip through the 300 odd pages and all your questions shall be answered. In addition to that the book shall provide you with a divine afflatus to suceed in life.So what are you waiting for ,rush to your nearest bookstore and get a copy .

Remember having a bookshelf without GOOGLE STORY is akin to having INTERNET without GOOGLE.
Rating – 8/10 (a must read)


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  • 1. Aseem N  |  October 20, 2006 at 6:34 pm

    Hmm i have heard a lot abt the book arnd… Will have to wait for ur ‘big line’ to end before i get the copy in hand.. 😦 Or u might just consider giving it to me (for being the first to comment on ur post) LOL!

  • 2. akshar  |  October 22, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    The book is really great and I got to learn many things I had not read about google.

  • 3. Ayush  |  December 3, 2006 at 6:02 am

    plz if someone cud give me this book..
    plz upload somewhere drom where i can download..
    my ID

  • 4. amit k.  |  December 13, 2006 at 4:01 pm

    dude search on ………ulll find the book
    but i feel its better to posess a hard copy of such a fantastic book


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