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For All Roadies 4 Fans…….When will BANI bid Goodbye????

This post is only for all Roadies 4 fans and of course I am one of them.Others please refrain from reading as you might not be able to comprehend what I am saying.
Roadies 4 is obviously the BAAP of all reality shows in India,there is absolutely no doubt about it.There are many reasons why people get allured into watching the show.
Some want to experience the exuberance of youth through thelives of 13 people.Some put themselves in the shoes of the Roadies and get an adrenaline rush watching the arduous tasks. Some watch it to see the constant altercations among the Roadies and to have a laugh at their expense.And there are many many more reasons.But the main reason i watch Roadies 4 is to know ——–“When The Hell Will Bani Get Eliminated”.


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Amit’s Recco of The Week———- A Few Good Men

What’s in it —-Two marines are charged for killing one of their fellow mate, Santiago.Lt. Daniel Kaffee(Tom Cruise) and Lt. JoAnne Galloway(Demi Moore) are assigned as the defence lawyers of the two accused. Daniel ,who basically shows a carefree lackadaisical attitude wants the case to be settled out of court as he has never seen(nor is he interested to see) the inside of a court room.But urged by Galloway , he decides to take on the challenge .The two accused say that they were given orders by their superior Col. Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) to give the deceased Santiago a “Code Red”.

What’s Code Red???Will Daniel and Galloway be able to prove the innocence of their clients or our their clients really guilty???????Watch the movie and have your questions answered.


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Thank You for Smoking——-Reviewed

Genre- Comedy/Sattire

What’s it about—- Nick Naylor(Aaron Eckhart) has one of the toughest jobs,that of a lobbyist for the cigarette industry.He has to battle against law suits, humanitarian societies and senators on a daily basis.To convince people that cigarrete smoking is “COOL” and not a menace to the society is a damn tough job to handle.And Nick is pretty good at it.Blessed with the gift of gab and great argumentative skills,Nick is a kind of saviour for the tobacco industry.But doing so he invites many enemies for himself.One of those many ,who has been affected by the hazards of smoking and blames Nick for his tragedy decides to give Nick a taste of his own medicine.He dopes Nick with a huge amount of nicotine but with his luck Nick manages to survive the encounter with death.But there is one problem now…..Nick has to quit smoking completely.Will it be possible for him to quit his addiction??????Also he has to now fight against a Senator who is hell bent on implementing a bill that will impose a crude animation of a skull on a cigarrete packet which will surely discourage people from purchasing them.Can Nick convince the public ,when he himself has quit smoking ,to take up smoking????Just if these problems weren’t enough Nick faces a greater problem in the form of reporter Heather Holloway(Katie Holmes) who reveals the secrets that Nick shared with her during their amorous relationship.So how does Nick encounter all these problems?????Can he prevent the Senator from passing the bill????All these questions form the crux of this film.



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Boat Trip reviewed

Genre- Comedy

Synopsis– Hoping to get his mind off his ex-girlfriend Felicia, heart- broken Jerry decides to join his best friend Nick on a tropical singles cruise for a week of sun and possible romance. But when Jerry and Nick realize they’ve been accidentally booked on a gay cruise, all they can think of is jumping off the ship – that is, until Jerry falls head-over-heels for Gabriella, a gorgeous dance instructor who, after a string of bad boyfriends, has given up on love. Hoping to sneek past Gabriella’s stalwart defenses, Jerry pretends to be gay- but matters get complicated when both Jerry and Gabriella start to feel the heat of- mutual attraction. And when Felicia unexpectedly appears on board hoping to win her ex-boyfriend back, Jerry is suddenly faced with he decision of a lifetime…..
Wil Jerry find true love?????What about sex starved Nick,what shall he do on the gay cruise????
To know more about the mis-adventures of Jerry and Nick,you have to catch the movie.

Review– The movie is a good comedy but nothing great i would prefer Euro Trip and Road Trip any day.The problem with the movie is that there are no scenes that stay with you when the movie ends.The movie is watchable but not among the best comedies.The actors have done a good job but Horatio Sanz(Nick) does tend to get overboard at times.Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry) gives an adept performance.With more wittier dialogues and original creative scenes the movie could have been much more enjoyable.

Rating- 5/10

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Andromeda Strain reviewed

Genre -Science fiction

Synopsis -A USA government satellite, “SCOOP”, designed to find upper atmosphere microorganisms for germ warfare, crash landed near the village of Piedmont in Arizona (New Mexico in the movie). It brought back a mysterious organism that apparently killed all but two of the town’s inhabitants by almost instantly solidifying their blood into a powder. The two people to escape were a 60 year old man and a new born baby.A team of 4 scientists is brought to study the mysterious organism.Its upto these scientists now to analyse the micro-organism (code named Andromeda) and prevent its rapid growth.

Will the scientists be able to find a way to obliterate the micro-organism?????? Why were the old man and the new born baby not affected by the micro-organism?????Watch the movie to find out.

Review– Based on Michael Crichton’s novel ,the movie has a great story and its shown in a convincing manner.All scenes are realistic and there are no over the top scenes.The director has been very true to the book and presented the movie in a sincere manner.
But the problem of the movie is that it was made in 1971 hence the special effects aren’t great to watch and for the X generation these will look quite jaded.The pace is quite slow initially as the story builds up.But in the last half an hour the movie speeds up and you get totally involved in the plot.
If you want to enjoy this film ,you must be a science fiction lover .If you aren’t one……..then skip this movie.Because u won’t find any larger than life special effects or action scenes ,what you get is pure SCIENCE.


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(A good story + great acting) – ( unneccessary songs ) =  Wonderful Movie

The above equation describes why Khosla Ka Ghosla is a great movie to  watch.You do not need huge stars for a scintillating effect…… a good script and good acting is all that’s required.And Khosla ka Ghosla reinstates the above fact.

The movie is a light situational comedy .You will not find those in your face kind of  loud senseless jokes . All  characters in the movie can be related to.Be it the middle   class father (Anupam Kher) ,the ambitious son (Parveen Dabbas) or the conniving businessman(Boman Irani). The story revolves around a middle class family .Mr. Khosla(Anupam Kher) has put in  his entire life savings in a plot, so that he can have a spacious house for his family.But his land is taken over by Khurana(Boman Irani) who asks 15 lakhs to part away with the land  .Mr. Khosla is now shattered as his entire life savings  have gone down the drain.Police,ministers,lawyers,social workers all fail to help out and demand for their own commission.How the Khosla family defeats Mr.Khurana at his own game forms the crux of the film.

An innovative story and great execution is what works for the film.The scenes look to be removed directly from real life and can be related too.The movie boasts of a talented paraphernalia of actors, who manage to get into the skin of their character and potray their roles with panache.A great debut for director Dibakar Banerjee,who manages to pull out the best in his actors.Even Tara Sharma for once acts(can u believe that????).Anupam Kher,Boman Irani,Ranvir Shaurey give a great performance as always.But you get sincere performances by all the lesser known actors too.Definitely a movie for people of all ages and a movie that will bring a smile on your face..So if u real want a great movie sans item numbers,huge star cast and foreign locales……..then you know which movie to catch.

Rating- 8.5/10

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Apna Sapna Money Money……..?

Was planning to watch a great comedy after my exams……but i didn’t know it would turn out to be a tragedy. Did not expect what trauma i was going to experience when i rented this cd .Thanking my stars that i didnt watch this movie in a multiplex.

Santhosh Sivan has got it all wrong.After a hilarious Kya Cool Hai Hum (which didnt make sense either but was fun to watch nonetheless)….he comes up with this pathetic offering.In order to please the family audience …..Santhosh has tried to go for cleaner jokes(oops……can hardly call them jokes) .Do these film makers consider that their audience  has the cerebrum of a 6 year old??????All the character sketches seem to be as thin as paper and have absolutely no soul.All gags fall flat on their face.A major lack of creativity.

The only good part is  Ritesh Deshmukh’s in a ladies garb……he must consider opting for a role of a heroine next time.Another plus is  Rajpal Yadav’s imitation as SARKAR(Amitabh Bacchan).But his role is also shortened and it seems the film makers were determined to make your life miserable.Coming to the minuses ……the whole movie is a big minus.From start to finish, interspersed with juvenile,deja vu jokes,the movie is a big minus. They have also put a question mark at the end of the TITLE ……perhaps to question their intentions at making such an abysmal product.

OK……so its a perfect movie to watch if u have any mental disorder and a great movie to recommend to your enemies.Hope the next movies that i watch willl be good.Will not be able to take another such movie.

RATING —- 4/10 

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Have accumulated a large number of movies which i want to watch these holidays

The list goes as below —–


  1.  Thank You For Smoking
  2. Before Sunrise
  3. Elektra
  4. Fahreneit 9/11
  5. Ice Age
  6. Boat Trip
  7. Rocky-IV
  8. Andromeda Strain
  9. CLick
  10. Finding Nemo
  11. Bridget Jones Diary
  12. A Few Good Men
  13. Saving Private Ryan
  14. Goodwill Hunting
  15. Cars
  16. Fast and Furious—Tokyo Drift
  17. Date Movie


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To all my blog readers …….a sincere apology for keeping the blog dormant for quite smtime time.Was tied up with a few things ……CAT ,IFFI,Semester Exams and to top it all my net was  giving problems.All the hindrances to my blogging hv now been fixed.

Semester exams just finished(but vivas do remain …………….damn them)………hv really decided to enjoy to the max. in these holidays……  watching movies all day long……will post a few titbits on the movies in my next post

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