Andromeda Strain reviewed

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Genre -Science fiction

Synopsis -A USA government satellite, “SCOOP”, designed to find upper atmosphere microorganisms for germ warfare, crash landed near the village of Piedmont in Arizona (New Mexico in the movie). It brought back a mysterious organism that apparently killed all but two of the town’s inhabitants by almost instantly solidifying their blood into a powder. The two people to escape were a 60 year old man and a new born baby.A team of 4 scientists is brought to study the mysterious organism.Its upto these scientists now to analyse the micro-organism (code named Andromeda) and prevent its rapid growth.

Will the scientists be able to find a way to obliterate the micro-organism?????? Why were the old man and the new born baby not affected by the micro-organism?????Watch the movie to find out.

Review– Based on Michael Crichton’s novel ,the movie has a great story and its shown in a convincing manner.All scenes are realistic and there are no over the top scenes.The director has been very true to the book and presented the movie in a sincere manner.
But the problem of the movie is that it was made in 1971 hence the special effects aren’t great to watch and for the X generation these will look quite jaded.The pace is quite slow initially as the story builds up.But in the last half an hour the movie speeds up and you get totally involved in the plot.
If you want to enjoy this film ,you must be a science fiction lover .If you aren’t one……..then skip this movie.Because u won’t find any larger than life special effects or action scenes ,what you get is pure SCIENCE.



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