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The Most Disgusting Movie Scenes

Recently Rajeev Masand started a series on CNN IBN’s popular show “NOW SHOWING” in which the most disgusting movie scenes would be telecasted.I had recently watched a disgusting movie by the name of “DATE MOVIE” and hence did not have much difficulty in describing the worst scene i have witnessed as the whole movie itself was disgusting 🙂  .

Here is my message to Rajeev Masand describing the scene—-

By far the most disgusting movie and scenes I have seen are from the “Date Movie”(2006).Watch the movie once and you will have a number of scenes that will make you puke.The director and story writer feel that being gross is funny.But they are entirely mistaken.Just about every scene in the movie is disgusting and the movie itself is one “disgusting scene”But the scene that has me go “Yuckkkkk” is the one in which Eddie Griffin and Fred Willard are playing basketball with Fred without a shirt.While dodging each other Eddie (who is shorter than Fred) happens to swallow some of Fred’s chest hair and his sweat too.But the worst part was to see Eddie cough out the hair ball and the camera zooming to capture the effect of sweat droplets falling out of his mouth and that too in slow motion. Please do show this scene to your viewers so that they too have to go through the same excruciating pain that i had to incur 🙂 .

The video did get telecasted on CNN IBN 🙂 .Check the video for yourself but don’t blame me if u feel like puking after viewing it.

January 30, 2007 at 9:16 pm 3 comments

What did ya do in your holidays????

That’s a question you are generally asked by your colleagues/friends after you return back after a long break . When I was faced by this question by my friends, I really found it difficult to answer and replied “Nothing Yaar,just enjoyed “…what a pathetic answer to provide. Infact I feel the question is more of a rhetorical question, which is just put forth as an ice breaker to start a conversation after a long break.What do you think???

After i reached home(from college) ,I rattled my brains to ponder over what I had done  in my holidays …..and here’s the result of some serious rattling 🙂 …..
* Played a lot of gully cricket and tennis….. cheating,fighting,swearing  do come along 🙂 .
* Read just one book—“Anything for you ma’am….An IITian’s Love Story“.But quenched my thirst for reading by devouring over sm hundreds of blog articles 🙂
*Watched around 35 movies atlast count…..wooa enjoyed this marathon
*Started blogging regularly.
*Going to CCD ( Cafe Coffee Day) and then to the neighbouring Miramar Beach and chatting with friends was a daily routine …..plan to continue this ordeal during college times too  🙂 .

So the holidays were quite monotonously spent but i enjoyed every bit of them nonetheless.
College has just started and we friends have suddenly got the urge to go out on a trip,probably to Pune.So wish me a Bon Voyage and let me relish on an extended holiday 🙂

How did you guys spend your holidays???Were they as monotonous as mine or you did something more creative????Maybe I could take some pointers from you people ….. 🙂

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Cricket Blackout……India wins,Indians do not witness

I was all geared upto watch today’s cricket match.Preponed my tennis schedule,got up at 6.00 am and went to play so that I could come home early and watch every ball of the match.At 9.00 am i left the tennis court and was all set to catch the match.
How would the Gambhir-Ganguly jodi work,will Sachin click in the middle order,will the Indian bowlers click????These were the questions that kept pounding my brain and I knew all the answers would be available soon.But man I was in for a mighty big SHOCK and so were 50 million of Indian cricket fans…
I did not know on which channel the match was being shown.So took my remote and started doing what I’m best at….Switching Channels.Few minutes later after glancing through Star Sports,DD sports,Espn,Ten Sports,Zee Sports……i was like ,”The match is today na?” Decided to call up a friend and ask him which god damn channel was the match being telecasted.The news he gave me made me go berserk,all that left my mouth were $%&^#@#$ and many many more explectives….


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A Song that I listen 24*7

I may have not been impressed by Mani Ratnam’s Guru but A.R. Rehman’s music has completely won my heart(and my ears too).But one song from Guru that has touched me like none other is Hariharan’s and Alka Yagnik’s love duet “Ay Hairathe Aashiqui“. Great lyrics by Gulzar and the humming effect created by A.R. Rehman at the start of the song give the song a whole new dimension and raise it to an entirely new terrain.In today’s X generation  such love songs do come as a pleasant surprise indeed.

Check out the lyrics and listen to this melodious song here.

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Speak Out

Found  this funny and meaningful picture on net and decide to share it with my blogreaders 🙂

Speak Out

Funny isn’t it????? 🙂 Have a nice day ahead….

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Death On Duty

 Manjunath a boy from a poor family got into one of the most prestigious colleges that we all aspire to get, IIM L(IIM Lucknow).His parents thought that their bad days would have finally gone and the bed would have been all rosy from here on.But it was not to be so.

After graduating from IIM L ,Manjunath took up a job as a sales manager in IOC(Indian Oil Corporation) unlike his other colleagues who took jobs abroad with large pay packages,Manjunath wanted to serve the country.He became India’s first independent sales manager in over a decade.But that joy did not last long.



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Amit Salutes

There are many people in this world who inspire you through their noble deeds,their unique talent,their courage and their determination.These are those people who you have never met,people with whom you have never interacted,but still they leave an undying impression upon you.You aspire to be like them .This section “Amit Salutes” is a tribute by me to all those people who have inspired me in some way or the other.Initially I was envisaging to anoint this section as “India Salutes” but then I thought Why should my opinion be generalised as the country’s.Therefore Amit Salutes it is.

Do check this section regularly for truly inspirational tales which will surely be instrumental in influencing you in a positive manner.

P.S.—-If any of you readers know about such people who deserve a mention in this category.Do mail me at

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AXN gets the AXE

AXN faces a ban of two months for allegedly showing obscene content on their channel.The programme which did this heinous task according to our Information and Broadcasting Minister ,Mr. Dasmunsi ,was “World’s Sexiest Advertisements”.Man where was I when they telecasted this series.Can I never be at the right place at the right time???Damn my luck. 🙂

As corruption,poverty,illiteracy have been totally annihilated from our country,the government is concentrating on these so major issues of national concern.Banning blogs,smoking on the big screen and now banning AXN…come first on their list…way to go.

AXN Banned

Give us a break Mr. Dasmunsi .Were you politicians never teenagers ???I am sure AXN has not gone that far in heralding obscenity .And I would have never banned it ,may be I would have given the guys at Sony a warning or two.But never banned it.But unfortunately for all AXN lovers it’s Mr. Dasmunsi who takes the decisions and not me .

Hence all you AXN lovers ….cry your hearts out because you are not gonna see your favorite adventure channel for a minimum of two months now.  😦
Read the entire article here. 

January 18, 2007 at 12:11 am 4 comments

Anything For You Ma’am —–An IITian’s Love Story

Anything for You Ma’am comes from the stable of Tushar Raheja ,a prodigy indeed.Consider studying in fourth year of Engineering and completing a book in six months flat.A feat indeed isn’t it.And if I forgot to mention Tushar is studying at the temple of Indian education IIT. Oh….God does show his benovelence towards some of those selected few.Tushar, I guess is one of them.
An IITian author.Huh ya,there was one more of this species(IIT) who had taken to writing and had churned out a best seller.Ya right,Chetan Bhagat it was.So are there any similarities between Tushar’s and Chetan’s novels. If I say the books are as different as chalk and cheese , I shall be wrong.Of course there are similarities .And why not.Both are from IIT Delhi,both belong to the same generation and both are romantic(I do not know these blokes personally ,but that’s what their novels reveal).But both of them do have their distinctive style of writing .While Chetan in his book “Five Point Someone” gave insights into the education system ,the hostel life,etc. at IIT Delhi.Tushar’s book is more of a love story with IIT Delhi in its back ground.

Tushar Raheja


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Page Rank Updated

Google updated its PR last week and my delay in informing my blog readers about my PR is not ignominy of any kind.It is just that I was being extra cautious. And making sure that my PR remains where it is and does not flicker.So now after almost a week since Google updated its PR I can say confidently that my PR is 4 as of now.
So PR 4 it is ….nothing to be proud about and nothing to get ashamed about either.

There are many people I would like to thank here.And the most important of them would be Aseem who motivated me to start my blog. When I started my blog I was wondering who the hell would come to this abode of mine?But Aseem did assure me that they would.With around 8000+ visitors as of now(and in the last 15 days—4000+ visitors)….I must say Aseem was right. So thanks Aseem for motivating me to start my blog.

I would also like to thank all the guys and gals who have added me to their blogroll.These guys have definitely been instrumental in helping me.Thank you all.
And last but not the least I would like to thank my blog readers.All those who criticized appreciated and thrashed my views.A big THANK YOU to you all. They are your comments and visits that motivate me to write everyday .Thinking that my views on certain issues might influence your choices does provide some felicity.Do continue to express your views on my site.It feels “good”.

I am aiming to reach PR 6 by the time of next update and with the support of you all I am sure I will.

Thank You Again,
Amit Kaundinya

 P.S. —Well for those you are not acquainted with the term Page Rank, then it’s a rank given to a page according to its importance on the net. Page Rank is scaled from 0 to 10. You can read more info here on Wikipedia – Google Page Rank.

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