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Minnows Bangladesh Beat Team India

That’s what today’s newspaper headlines are going to scream. Minnows Bangladesh made India’s opening World Cup encounter a real nightmare for them. They beat India and they beat them comprehensively too.

I wasn’t that excited to catch this match. Common yaar, India versus Bangladesh. Of-course India is going to win, na. The God’s above must have heard my over-confident, bragging outlook towards the match. And must have decided to punish me and our Indian team and ofcourse billions others in a bid to teach all of us a lesson. Because other than divine intervention I cannot see how India could possibly lose to Bangladesh. Come on yaar it’s Bangladesh afterall.

From the beginning itself, the great Indian batting line up seemed to be shaken by Bangladesh’s impeccable bowling line . The way the revered Indian batsmen were performing, one could have surely mistaken Bangladesh for Australia. The Bangladesh’s had a point to make. And they sure did make it. Great fielding and great exuberance. They were oozing in confidence right from the onset of the game itself. Perhaps they had already seen the future and knew that they were to be the winners that day. If a non-cricket follower would have caught upon the match, it would have really been an herculean task for him to determine who the real minnows were. For today it seemed Bangladeshis were the tigers while India looked like their docile prey.



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Hattrick Movie Review

Barring Lagaan and to some extent Iqbal, cricket movies or for that matter sports related Bollywood films barely do well at the box-office. This week, Hattrick releases at the Box Office and it attempts to catch onto the World Cup Fever. So howz the movie? Is Hattrick worth a watch? Read on to know….

Storyline – Describing the story of Hattrick is a tough task, as Hattrick doesn’t have a story to offer in the first place. Anyway, I shall make an attempt. The name Hattrick comes from the fact that there are three stories running parellely through the film. Oh Wow, how creative. It must have surely taken a whole lot of geniuses to conjure up the title. Anyway enough of sarcasm, lets get back to the story.

Story 1 —- Dr. Satyajeet Chavan (Nana Patekar) is a strict disciplinarian, no-nonsense doctor who simply hates cricket.While David Abraham (Danny Denzongpa) is a cricketer who breathes and lives cricket. When Danny gets admitted to the hospital, he tries to break all the rules of the hospital in order to catch onto the Cricket World Cup. But Nana acts as a barrier between him and the television set. Nana will not allow a television set on his hospital’s premises and Danny will not stop until he gets to watch the World Cup. Who wins the battle Nana or Danny? You need not be a genius to answer that question. Ya, that’s about with the first story of Hattrick. And trust me this is the best story that the movie has to offer. So you can imagine what the rest of the stories will be like.


DAnny anfd Nana in Hattrick movie

Story 2 —- Hemu Patel (Paresh Rawal) is one of those Indians who has left his homeland with dreams of a good living in England. But he manages to get the job of a sweeper in England and is utterly frustrated with his life. Now after living 10 years in England, his only dream is to get a U.K. Citizenship, so that he can get a better job and then go home proudly. This story of an “Indian Abroad” and his problems has been seen time and again on the silver screen. And there is nothing new that Hattrick showcases.


Paresh Rawal in Hattrick


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HELP, MY BLOG Is Being Spammed

Check out, this post Song that I listen 24 /7. And see the comments as of now there are 8 spam comments there, do not know how many more there will be when you guys read it. I must have deleted atleast around 30 spam comments and all th sapm comments are for that post only. Seems like the spammers have developed a kind of affinity to that particular blog-post. May be they have thought that since I have not been very active on my blog, they start getting active. Now I wonder why the ever so reliable Akismet spam filter is not doing it’s job well. God knows what the problem is? So if any of u guys and gals have a solution to my problem please do respond back.

As of now I am not bothering to delete the spam comments as it’s no use. As they are just piling up exponentially. Do the presence of spam comments affect your blog in any manner? Do let me know.

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God Bless The Examiners

Why would a student  say such a line. Ofcourse, if his results have gone un-expectedly well. Ya, that’s the case with me. Results were out this Wednesday and thanks to prayers of my well-wishers, God’s positive response to those prayers and due to lady luck, i managed to clear my 7th Semester with Distinction. 73.xx % to be precise. My joy knew no bounds. Last semester was one helluva of a time. CAT(and other MBA entrances), IFFI (that almost ran parallel to our exam schedule) , Blogging and many more distractions.But thanks to those angelic examiners, who I am sure were in their best of moods when they glanced through my papers, I am both relieved and happy.

Bad handwriting has always been a tag attached to me. And I’m sure of the trauma and eye stress the examiners would have gone through while correcting my papers. So I reiterate once again….”God Bless the Examiners”. May your pens always dish out good marks for me.

With just one exam to answer, probably my last one. I can just say onething Yuppppeeeee!!! 🙂

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