Minnows Bangladesh Beat Team India

March 18, 2007 at 6:26 am 4 comments

That’s what today’s newspaper headlines are going to scream. Minnows Bangladesh made India’s opening World Cup encounter a real nightmare for them. They beat India and they beat them comprehensively too.

I wasn’t that excited to catch this match. Common yaar, India versus Bangladesh. Of-course India is going to win, na. The God’s above must have heard my over-confident, bragging outlook towards the match. And must have decided to punish me and our Indian team and ofcourse billions others in a bid to teach all of us a lesson. Because other than divine intervention I cannot see how India could possibly lose to Bangladesh. Come on yaar it’s Bangladesh afterall.

From the beginning itself, the great Indian batting line up seemed to be shaken by Bangladesh’s impeccable bowling line . The way the revered Indian batsmen were performing, one could have surely mistaken Bangladesh for Australia. The Bangladesh’s had a point to make. And they sure did make it. Great fielding and great exuberance. They were oozing in confidence right from the onset of the game itself. Perhaps they had already seen the future and knew that they were to be the winners that day. If a non-cricket follower would have caught upon the match, it would have really been an herculean task for him to determine who the real minnows were. For today it seemed Bangladeshis were the tigers while India looked like their docile prey.

None of the Indian batsman barring Yuvraj Singh looked comfortable to the Bangladeshi bowling attack. Even Ganguly who top scored with 66 of 129 deliveries was not in his prime form. And lo behold, the Indian batting line up was down and out for just 191 on the board.

Maybe it’s the pitch I thought. Ya, the pitch might have been a difficult one to bat onto. We Indians are surely going to have the Bangladeshis in the closet once we begin the next innings. Infact we had, West Indies all-out for 87 just the other day.So who were these Bangladeshis in front of our bowling line up.

Five overs into Bangladesh’s innings and I had a feeling of things to come. They were playing like Samurai’s, badgering the ball to all corners of the park. Especially Tamim Iqbal who’s batting can be best described as Audacious. He literally hammered the Indian bowlers and set the tone up for their victory.

Somewhere in the middle of the Bangladeshi Innings( Ban -130/3), I fell asleep and was luckily pardoned the sight of India’s misery. Suddenly I woke up and realized the presentation ceremony was on. Oh my!My heart was racing. Come on God, let India be the winners. But it did not seem so. Even before the announcement of the winner could be made, I had realized who it was. The Bangladeshis seemed full with energy and smiles while Indian’s seemed surprised and shocked. And yes, my hunch proved to be true. I glanced at the clock on my wall, it was past 2. Suddenly a hope of light flashed. Maybe I was dreaming? Yes, the optimistic me, Yes i had got it . I was dreaming after all. After two pinches to myself and two “Ouch’s”, I realized it was not a dream in-fact it was a nightmare. India had actually lost. Actually LOST.

With India’s performance today, maybe Cyrus’ joke on Bermuda beating India may no longer be a JOKE. Expecting a close encounter between the two teams now. Check out Cyrus’s spoof on the Indian cricket team. Sure to bring you some laughs and maybe you could forget today’s dismal match.

P.S. —- They say every cloud has a silver lining. And yes, India’s defeat too had it’s silver lining. When I changed my T.V. channel from Set Max to Sony, I was really smiling from chin to chin. Ireland had beaten Pakistan. Ha Ha! That was it, now I could have a peaceful Night’s Sleep. By the way, after Ireland’s win Pakistan is out of the World Cup i guess. No India Pakistan, encounter this time then. Thank God for it.

Anyway, this video is for you Indian Cricketer’s. This is how you have to play against minnows. Not, how you guys performed today.

Watch Herschelle Gibbs crash Netherland’s spinner Dan Van Bungee for six sixers of one over.


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Madhur Kapoor  |  March 18, 2007 at 5:45 pm

    Guess yesterday was a day of shocks .

  • 2. Iftekhar  |  March 21, 2007 at 5:21 am

    Be patient my friend. I can bet, five years from now “Bangladesh beat India” will be a no news. It will happen everytime India face Bangladesh.

  • 3. Nirmal  |  March 28, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    It was real shame for India to get defeated by Bangladesh….The important thing here was India never took Bangladesh seriously…
    Any way now India has made an exit from WorldCup….

  • 4. foozy  |  May 13, 2007 at 11:18 am

    this is just the beginning… let a few more new players come into bangladesh team.. (which will b in a year or so)…. and after that bd will beat india every time they meet… and u can write stuff like this everyday if u like… but it wont help u much…


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