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As always I was late or a meeting with my project guide. In fact today I was all ready and set to go for the project meeting but just then a friend’s phone call delayed by departure from my house and helped me keep my record of reaching late.

I picked up my project group mate from his house and speeded my way to reach Goa University(that’s where I do my project). I looked at my watch 10.40, the appointment was supposed to be at 10.30. So that meant I would reach by around 10.45. Cool, not that late after all.

I guess I was riding somewhere between 40km/hr to 50km/hr on my Activa when suddenly from no-where a cyclist ,who until then was travelling a linear path, decided that he had to take an immediate 90 degree turn. I couldn’t react to his immediate turning antics and saw myself crashing into him. I braked hard, even moved my bike to prevent the crash. But the inevitable couldn’t be avoided.

I guess I hit is cycle tyre. I couldn’t see what happened to him or to my friend who was sitting behind me, but I was sliding on the road with my bike. Bruising my legs along as I kept sliding. When my slide stopped, I saw myself just inches away from a large stack of bricks that were possibly kept for some construction work but could have resulted in my immediate death had I crashed into them. As I got up, I saw a small church at the side. Yes,it surely were divine powers at play, which saved my life today. Just had I slided a few inches more then I guess I would have not been writing this post. Also thank God , there were no vehicles behind us on the road. One speeding vehicle and all of us , would have been crunched. Thank You GOD, for saving me and my friend.

I then turned behind and saw that my friend was alright. The cyclist was being fired by a group of people for his negligence while riding. I then got up to see the damage my body had suffered, my pant had torn near my knee region and the region was badly bruised. Even my hands were wounded. (As a matter of fact I am writing this post with my left hand, as my right hand is still in pain) The very helpful people out there immediately brought ice and cold water to wash my wounds. I just wanted to remove my frustration and anger on the cyclist, who had caused this accident. But as I was about to fire a barrage of expletives at him, I realized he too was in a state of shock. I inquired how he was, and he just looked at me with a sorry face, my anger instantly trickled away.

I asked my friend how he was, and he said he was alright. We then called our other project mates who were waiting at Goa University, and informed that we wouldn’t be able to make it. My friend volunteered to drop me home, on my Activa ,which had lost it’s rear view mirror as an after-effect of the accident.

I reached home climbing my three storey building with great pain. No one was there at home. I opened the door, washed my feet with cold water applied some ice and slopped on my bed. Thanked God, yet again for saving me.

At that moment my mother’s deafening words resounded in my head ,”Drive slowly , It’ always good to be slow. You might drive properly but it’s not necessary that others too drive properly.” Words at which I had only laughed at , hit me like a wet brick. From here-on I have made a silent promise to drive slowly. But don’t know how long I shall be able to maintain it.

Recently a friend of mine had met with a tragic death. I had seen the trauma on his loved ones face. Thank God, for saving my loved ones from going through the same trauma. Perhaps it’s the prayers of my elders and good deeds of my parents that saved me.

Once again, THANK YOU GOD.

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Bheja Fry Movie Review

Sagar Ballary’s directorial debut Bheja Fry releases in theatres this week. With a bunch of talented actors like Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and Sarika to support, I was expecting to have a simple clean comedy akin to Khosla Ka Ghosla. So how does Bheja Fry fare? Did it live upto my expectations and make me laugh loud or did it end up frying my Bheja! Read on to know.

Bheja Fry Movie Story — The story is supposed to be adapted from a French film, which I have never seen nor heard of. So I cannot say to what extent the movie is copied. But whoever has written the story, must say it is a very novel , creative and a simple one. A bunch of rich businessman gather every Friday to have some uninhibited fun. And they have fun at the expense of an idiot. Yes IDIOT. Every Friday one of them has to get one idiot along with them to have dinner. And the idiot serves the purpose of providing fun to them and helps them relieve their stress. Rajat Kapoor fancies these Friday meets and this Friday he decides to get along with him Mr. Bharat Bhushan( Vinay Pathak) who springs out to sing everytime he gets an opportunity to do so. Infact you can say that he creates those opportunities. Sarika plays the role of Rajat Kapoor’s wife who hates Rajat’s attitude of having fun at other people’s expense.Bheja Fry basically describes the turn of humorous events that take place and how Vinay ends up frying Rajat’s Bheja on the rather unforgettable Friday night.

 For complete Movie Review of Bheja Fry visit my Bollywood blog

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Get Windows 3D Effect On Windows Xp


Windows 3D Effect

Get the 3D effect of Windows Vista on your Windows XP. Just like the picture above. The software to be used for this is Windows 3d Flip . You can  choose the “hot key” to select the keys that need to be pressed  to get you the 3D effect. You can also select the area you would wish to click so as to get the 3d effect. Must say, the 3D  effect is a visual treat to the eye.

And it’s just that a visual treat and nothing more. That is, you can not click on the back windows to select them. Irrespective of which window you click the first window only pops open. So if you are enthralled by the 3D effect and do not have Windows Vista on your Pc, then download this software and get enjoying the 3D effect.

Download Windows 3D flip from Media Fire

Download Windows 3D flip from Rapidshare 

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Lo Behold….I turn 21 !!!

Today’s day is unlike the other 364 days in the year. Guess why?

This day, namely 1st April, which others celebrate as Fool’s day, I celebrate as My Birthday 🙂 .

And today’s day is unlike any-other Birthday, that’s because i turn 21. Don’t know what’s so special about turning 21. Ok, you get the license to marry. But man, there is no girl in my life even if you scan it with a magnifying glass. So that point is totally inconsequential as far as I’m concerned.

What’s so special then about turning 21? Does turning 21 mean getting more freedom from your parents? No chance here atleast, I maybe 21 or I maybe 50, I bet that I still will get the constant phone calls when I do not reach home on time.

Maybe God suddenly enlightens you on this day with a lot of maturity, As my friend, Nadeem said on wishing me, “You’ve turned 21 and now it’s time to behave like one.” Let’s see if God has enlightened me too 🙂 . Don’t find any difference in me as yet though. Perhaps the dose of maturity is in the transit 🙂 .

But guess there must be something real special about this day, which I have still have to be enlightened by. Because all my friends are surely feeling a lot special on turning 21. The same friends who needed to be pestered onto giving treats are handing out invitations and throwing out lavish parties. Surely, they must be feeling something special on turning 21. Guess will have to ask them only and get the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

Anyways through this blog-post I would like to thank all my friends who flooded my orkut scrap-books, who SMSed me and gave me incessant phone calls. feels special to have such wonderful friends, real special. Thanks a lot. I would also take this opportunity to thank my little sister who was so sweet as to get a wonderful card for me. I may never express my self openly, but such small things really leave a big impression on you.

I would also like to thank God for getting my 21st Birthday on a Sunday. All friends and colleagues really get excited to show their love towards you on this day. And they show it through the means of Birthday Bumps. Oh, God you saved me from all that love. Considering the love I have shown through mt shoes on my friends Birthdays, all of them must have been dying to show their love towards me. Guess you guys missed the opportunity to show your love 🙂 .Thank-You God for saving me, It wouldn’t have been possible to handle all that love 🙂 .

I would also like to take crack on some notions that some of my friends have fostered of 1st April. Don’t get it wrong guys, I was not born on 1st April because I was a fool. But i was god-sent to make a FOOL of all you guys out there 🙂 .

Oops…looks like some-one’s come to wish me. So time to sign-off here. Just 4 hours and 15 minutes for this day to get over.


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