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Warning : Do Not Get Involved With Mginger

If you have read my previous post then I might seem like a rather fickle minded person. First I advocate you to join Mginger and then i say do not join it. Ok now if I have made a mistake and I am ready to accept it and hence would prefer others take heed of my advice and not join Mginger.

It has been weeks since i joined Mginger and i have just got two messages by them and guess what are my earnings? Just 40 paise!!!! Damn it ….. that’s not enough to buy a Chloromint also. On top of that I have a referral network of 30 friends. So either the Mginger programmme is a total failure or its a scam. So I would like to advice all my readers not to indulge in it. If you have already registered, no problem. There’s no harm. But if you haven’t then ….Stay Away From It.

Mginger might still be good and maybe it just has not got too many advertisers and hence it is not able to provide mobile users with ads. But still I would advice all those who want to join it to wait and see whether the thing actually works.

Read this article to see what harm Mginger could cause you…..


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What’s Mginger ?

I got this mail yesterday from a friend asking me to join this new advertising service that pays you money to recieve ads on your cell. I usually do not join such services as I believe there is no such thing as easy money. But as I was not doing anything online, I decided why not join it and check it out. So two minutes later, I had joined Mginger.

What’s exactly Mginger?

mGinger will send a maximum of 10 sms per day and for every sms  mGinger will pay 10paise. You may think what will you make with such a little amount, but thats not a right thought. You will also get paid for the people you refer. For every sms read by your referral you will be paid 10p and for your friend’s friend you will be paid 5p. In this way, if you refer 10 people who will refer another 10 people each you will be getting Rs.1,860. Yeah its true, more people you refer the more you earn. If you refer 100 people you will get Rs.18,060.  And that’s quite a lot of money. Isn’t it?

When does Mginger pay you?

They pay you when your amount becomes Rs. 300.

Benefits of joining Mginger.

  • You make money for receiving ads on your cell phone. So talk as much as you want on the cell phone and let mginger pay the bills for you.
  • You can personalise the ads. This means you can select what ads you want and what you do not want. You can also select number of ads you want to receive( not more than 10). You can also select the time you want Mginger to send you ads. I have set my time as 12pm to 6am. So when I wake up in the morning I can delete all the ads.
  • As of now I haven’t received any Mginger ads. But those personalised ads could well be helpful to you.


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Life In A Metro Movie Review

Star Cast : Shiney Ahuja, Shilpa Shetty, Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Kay Kay Menon, Kangna Ranaut, Sharman Joshi, Nafisa Ali, Dharmendra.

Movie Runtime : 140 min.

The film’s promos describe the movie as a story of countless emotions. Love, sex, faith, lies, lust, passion, ambition are some of the emotions that were portrayed by the protagonists. It’s a story of a bunch of 9 people, each trying to adjust themselves with the fast paced life of a Metro.

If you want to know the story, then check the movie trailer(below). Give your grey cells some stress and you shall get a basic idea of the movie.

Bollywood has tried it’s hand at movies with multiple paths all converging to form a single story in the end. I guess it started with Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar ( a big flop), but as time progressed the film-makers became more intelligent in weaving many plots into one. Among all such movies I have watched, Naseer’s film Yun Hota To Kya Hota has been my favorite. But after watching Life In A Metro, Yun Hota… has been displaced to the second spot.

Life In A Metro by Anurag Basu ( of Murder and Gangster fame) is one of the better films of 2007. Both technically as well as script wise the movie is a good product. I always grumble, that unlike Hollywood films, where lot of pain goes into selecting the star cast, Bollywood film-makers barely spend time to get the star cast right. Any damn actor will do for them. But I must appreciate the makers of Metro for selecting a bunch of talented actors that fit their roles to the tee.

All the actors have done a fantastic job and credit must go to Anurag Basu for handling his team with such finesse. Each actor has been given ample scope to show his/her presence felt in the film. Basically all the actors are important and there is no single star. But if I were to list the actors and their performances by order of merit then it would go like :

Irrfan Khan : simply brilliant, marvelous. His best performance after Maqbool. Although his role is not too long, Irrfan just manages to mesmerize you with his acting. Irrfan’s character is a difficult one too have been played and Irrfan plays it with such adeptness, that not once does he go over board.

Konkona Sen Sharma : She does it everytime and in Metro she does it again. She simply bowls you down with her potrayal of a 30 year old virgin desperately in pursuit of a life a partner. Konkona’s strength is her sweet, innocent voice, you can never get bored of hearing her speak. The way she gets into the skin of her character is marvelous. You start relating with her from scene one itself.

Shilpa Shetty, Shiny Ahuja , Kay Kay : All three of them have done a great job. Shilpa shows tremendous potential. She looks beautiful and her performance adds to her beauty. Her best performance since Phir Milenge. Kay Kay and Shiney like always are dependable.

Sharman Joshi: Like always, Sharman is lovable. His comic timing is brilliant.

Kangana Raut: She is so cute!!!!!!!! She looks like a Barbie doll in the film. Just work on your diction Kangana and you might well be a star to reckon in the times to come.

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P.S. : Thanks to a contest at Inox, I won A Metro music  cd. Must say this added to the movie experience.

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Amit’s Recco of The Week : Big Nothing

Big Nothing, a rather unusual title to have for a movie. But at the same time a rather catchy one too. Big Nothing falls in the genre of a comedy/thriller. And is one movie you shouldn’t miss.

Movie Runtime: 86 min.

The Story: Gus is a call center employee, Charlie is an ex-teacher out of job and Josie McBroom is a teen beauty pageant. All three join hands to black mail a Reverend.They make a full proof plan to extract money from the Reverend. But no plan is full -proof. Things get out of hand for the trio when the Reverend is murdered and they find out they are in for some real big trouble. I will not reveal much as it will only spoil the suspense.

Acting: David Schwimmer as the Charlie is brilliant. His recitations of statistical accounts based on the current situation is rather funny. Also Simon Pegg as Gus is fantastic. Alice Eve as Josie Mcbroom is rather sexy and brings out a naughty charm in her character. The chemistry between David and Simon is in fact the biggest strength of the film. Other actors do not have much of a role and are okay in whatever they have to perform.

The thrills of the movie and the sudden twists in the movie leave you captivated. And most of the times you are left surprised. The pace of the movie is rather quick and the constant humor that is blended in with the murder mystery leaves you smiling.


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