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Review : WidgetBucks Site Review

Just heard about this new site WidgetBucks that helps you make some great money by adding some cool widgets to your site. The widgets generally show shopping items available on different sites like,, etc.

Widgets come in a range of sizes( 468*60, 728*90, 660*330, 300*250, 160*600) and can be customized to different colors, so as to gel in with the colors of your site. By choosing the Merchsense option ( that is patented by Widget Bucks ) you can have ads relevant to your site content. Check the bottom of this post to see how the widgets appear.

How To Apply For WidgetBucks

As Widget Bucks is a relatively new venture, they do not have restrictions for publishers to join. No minimum traffic requirements or minimum PR guidelines. All you have to have is a site for which you must apply. In a few minutes you will receive confirmation by Widgetbucks to jadd the widgets to your site. I got thw widgetbucks confirmation mail in my bulk account, so please do check your bulk mail. Once you receive the confirmation, you are on your way making money with this widget.

Signup by clicking on this link : Earn $$ with WidgetBucks.

Get $25 Just For Sign Up At Widget Bucks

Auction ads too has this incentive to attract publishers to join their site. But it is rather difficult to make money with auction ads because you get paid only when some one clicks on the ads and then buys a product. So you get a commission only on converted sales.

But Widget Bucks isn’t that way. With Widget Bucks you make money on a ‘per click’ (CPC) basis and WidgetBucks claim that those who’ve tested them are getting $3-$6 CPM. Payment is via Check or paypal, but you need to hit $50 before you trigger your first payment. So to get your first pay check you just have to wait for another $25. This $50 payout is definitely attractive as other sites ( adsense, kontera) generally have a payout of $100.

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Movie Review : Three Men And A Baby

Just caught up with this wonderful comedy, Three Men And A Baby, directed by Leonard Nimoy. I had this dvd for quite a while but had just kept it in on the shelf. I do not know what prompted me to catch this flick, but whatever did, I am really happy that I caught up with this movie.

Three Men And A Baby Movie Story

Jack, Michael and Peter are three happy go lucky friends. Every thing’s going nice and jolly until one day, two unexpected parcels arrive at their doorstep. One is a cradle with a baby in it and the other parcel has a drugs in it. Suddenly their lives take a full 360 degree turn. With the responsibility of a baby ( who they are clueless how to manage) and with the police and goons after them for the drugs, what you can expect is one comic journey.

The movie is so appropriately tagged : ” They changed her diapers, she changed their lives”

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