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How Did The Recent PR Update Affect You

If you are a pro-blogger then these few days must have been like waiting for your exam results to come out. Tense moments, bad dreams and miserable thoughts. And why not? Google’s PR (Page Rank) Update was on it’s way.

Google had warned various publishers that selling text links ads on their web pages and hence tampering Google’s algorithm would adversely affect their sites PR. And the warning wasn’t just an empty one.

The recent Google PR update toppled various famous sites PR and there were cries of dismay all around the blogosphere. Some problogger’s like Johntp suffered a major PR drop from PR 6 to a measly PR 3. Other PR 5 entertainment sites like Ourbollywood and Naachgaana slumped to a docile PR 3 from a healthy PR 5.

My Advice To Bloggers

Crying too much about the loss of PR wouldn’t do any good. I strongly recommend bloggers not to purchase links. Create a better blog to get quality traffic to your site and create a larger reader base. That’s the only mantra for a successful blog.

Now moving to the point of should you continue selling Text Link Ads? I guess if you think your major source of revenue is through selling text link ads, then it makes no sense removing them. Ask yourself , why you want a high PR . Is it just too command respect on the internet or is it too make a lot of money? If the answer is the latter then removing text link ads would be nonsensical. As if you want a good PR to sell links and if Google will decrease your PR if you sell links. Then you are in a real catch 22 situation. So do not care about Google and just go ahead and sell those links.

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