Movie Review : Shaurya Review

February 22, 2008 at 10:35 am 2 comments

Expectations were definitely nonexistent when I entered the multiplex, to catch some sleep. Oops to watch Shaurya. Last week’s release One Two Three had prepared me to take on any movie and leave the theater mentally sound. So I said to myself,” Bring on what you have Samar Khan(director of Shaurya) and I am ready to face it”.

Five minutes into Shaurya : “Ok, another of those patriotic army movies. Get ready for some preaching, Amit”

Ten minutes into Shaurya : ” Oh! So they are aping A Few Good Men, this time round. Time to find some sleep.”

Fifteen minutes into Shaurya : “Is it really getting interesting? Or am I hallucinating”

Twenty Minutes Into Shaurya : “The movie has me hooked.”

Shaurya Movie Story

Officer Javed Khan has been accused of killing his senior officer, Major Rathore. The lethargic fun loving officer Major Siddhant(Rahul Bose) has been entrusted with defending Javed. What Siddhant thought would just be a sight seeing and para gliding experience in the valleys of Srinagar turns out to be a life changing experience.

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